Adventures of Don Juan / Arsenic and Old Lace

  1. Main Title / Balcony Rendezvous (3:46) MP3
  2. Cecil Returns (:53)
  3. Adopting a Royal Escort (2:33)
  4. London Processional (2:54) MP3
  5. Minuet / Diana Recognizes Don Juan (1:14)
  6. The Impostor is Arrested (3:28)
  7. Sent Home to Madrid (2:27)
  8. Don Juan's Reputation (:33)
  9. Battle with the Press Gang (2:25)
  10. His Majesty the King (1:09)
  11. Queen Margaret of Spain (:32)
  12. Juan Presents Himself to the Queen (1:29)
  13. A New Enemy for the Duke de Lorca (1:57)
  14. Kidnapping the Count de Polan (1:38) MP3
  15. Remanded to the Dungeon (1:13)
  16. A Close Shave / Leporello is Unsettled (1:54)
  17. Fencing Master (:34)
  18. The Hall of Flags / Meeting With de Lorca (4:41)
  19. Paragon Among Queens (5:51)
  20. Donna Elena's Advances (2:48)
  21. Sebastian Pleads for Don Juan (2:18)
  22. De Polan's Capture is Discovered (1:22)
  23. Juan Eludes Rodrigo and His Men (:43)
  24. Imprisoned (7:05)
  25. Juan's Rescue (2:54)
  26. Battle in the Dungeon (1:44)
  27. Total Disc Time: 59:57
    ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN (cont.) (Disc 2)
  1. The Royal Chapel (2:12)
  2. Palace Guards on Patrol (1:22)
  3. Pint-sized Decoy (3:28)
  4. The Patriots Vie for Freedom (1:58)
  5. Flaming Tapestry (1:40)
  6. Duel With de Lorca (2:15) MP3
  7. Juan's Victory / Finale (5:52)
  8. ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN Trailer (2:37)

  9. Main Title / Baseball a la Brooklyn (2:50) MP3
  10. Brewster Bows Out (2:19)
  11. Just Look in the Window Seat (3:33)
  12. Mortimer's Ghastly Discovery / The Prodigal Son Returns (5:26) MP3
  13. Jonathan Becomes Disagreeable (1:18)
  14. A Frightful Sight at the Window (4:41)
  15. Silencing Elaine / Operating on Mortimer (2:50)
  16. End Title / End Cast (:52) MP3
  17. ARSENIC AND OLD LACE Trailer Score (2:53)
  18. Baseball a la Brooklyn alternate (1:20)
  19. Total Disc Time: 52:17

composed by Max Steiner

Screen Archives Entertainment TFC1009 $29.95
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Max Steiner's classic, rousing Adventures of Don Juan score arrives complete for the very first time! Tribute Film Classics' new 2-CD set also includes the complete score for Arsenic and Old Lace, terrific bonus tracks and extensive liner notes in a beautiful 68-page booklet.

Max Steiner's Adventures of Don Juan is one of the all-time great Golden Age film scores and finally bursts onto CD with every note intact for the first time from Tribute Film Classics.

Warner Bros.' lavish 1948 production follows the lovemaking and swashbuckling exploits of legendary lover Don Juan de Marana (Errol Flynn) as he fights to save the Spanish court -- and its beautiful queen -- from the evil Duke de Lorca. The typically excellent Warner cast includes Viveca Lindfors, Robert Douglas, Alan Hale and Raymond Burr.

Steiner packs the film with musical colorings that run the gamut from rousing action themes to glorious processionals to lilting love themes and serenades. The infectious Don Juan theme itself is one of Steiner's most recognizable and he brilliantly exhausts every possible variation of it to keep the score fresh and cohesive. The award-winning Tribute team of William T. Stromberg, John Morgan and Anna Bonn have meticulously recreated every note for this first-ever presentation of the complete score. As with all previous Tribute recordings, Stromberg conducts the Moscow Symphony Orchestra in a flawless performance that will astound all lovers of classic film music.

Also included in the set is the complete score for Frank Capra's popular comedy Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) starring Cary Grant. Here, Steiner cleverly uses numerous existing melodies to complement the tale of two kindly spinster sisters who just happen to have a penchant for poisoning lonely old men. A delightful 18th century children's hymn is used for the main thematic material, but Steiner also creates a wonderful, fairy-like theme for one of the crazy spinsters and provides his usual abundance of expressive motifs.

Rounding out the set are bonus tracks that include Steiner's great trailer re-orchestrations for both films, and an amazing surprise track that will thrill all fans of the great composer.

A 68-page, full-color booklet is spectacularly designed by Jim Titus and features notes from the Tribute principals along with Steiner archivist James V. D'Arc. The booklet is jam-packed with photos and includes extensive production histories of the two films by historian Ryan Brennan and cue-by-cue analyses by Curt Hardaway.

The expert production and distribution of this remarkable Tribute Film Classics CD is by Screen Archives Entertainment, located at

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